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The Ultimate Guide to Converting PDF to Word on Mac 5 Methods The program allows you to convert multiple PDF files at one time, which is extremely thoughtful when you are in a hurry. Apr 25, 2017. Agree or disagree, working with a PDF document on a Mac isn't that easy compared to handling other types of files such as Word or Pages. That's why we often want to convert PDFs into Word docs and make them editable. So, what is the best way to convert PDF to Word on macOS? Well, it depends.

Accessible PDFs from a Mac PCC Mac users are lucky that there is a built-in Preview application on Mac machine which can help extracting text and images from PDF by converting PDF to well-formatted Word document. Create your Word document with MS Word 2011 for the Mac. Save your document on a thumb drive or email it to yourself. Then from a PC Microsoft Windows computer open your documents with MS Word 2010 and convert them to a PDF. Make sure to follow the instructions for creating an accessible PDF with MS Office.

How to Convert an Apple Word Document to PDF It Still Works. You are even allowed to set PDF page range before the conversion when you only need to convert partial PDF content to Word document. The Mac operating system OS X includes the "Preview" application that enables users to read Portable Document Format PDF files without requiring a separate program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Mac OS also includes the function to generate PDF files from the Print dialog box from any program with.

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