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Diacritic - Wikipedia Tabbed by freakyimp My very first tab hope its help for all the blues lover out there. Diacritics in Latin & Greek; accent acute ´ double acute ˝ grave ` double grave ̏ breve ˘ inverted breve ̑ caron, háček ˇ cedilla

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Dan Bernard Banjo Lessons - Deep River Blues Doc Watson ​ ←Slide Back​→Slide Up [E7]​ [Eflat6] [E7] -------7---------------6-------------7---| -------5---------------5-------------5---| -------7---------------6-------------7---| -------6---------------5-------------6---| -------x---------------x-------------x---| -------0---------------0-------------0---| Chorus: [E7]Let it rain, [Eflat6]let it pour, [E7]Let it rain a whole lot more, [A]'Cause I got them deep river [E]blues. Notes We are going to stay with Blue Ridge Cabin Home this week, incorporating a second up the neck break, using Scruggs type left hand fingering.

Acoustic <strong>Blues</strong> Guitar Unleashed

Acoustic Blues Guitar Unleashed [E7]Ain't no one to cry for me, [E7]And the fish all go out on a spree [A]When I get them deep river [E]blues. With my unique “Playing On The Porch” method, you’ll be playing authentic acoustic blues in the style of Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Muddy Waters, Doc.

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