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THE SCIENCE FICTION POETRY OF SUN RA - Norton As biographer John Szwed records him saying, “my whole body changed into something else. KB2 Foreword by Amiri Baraka. Introduction by Bhob Stewart THIS PLANET IS DOOMED serves up a traumatic torrent of future shock from Afrofuturist Sun Ra's.

Links § No Categories - Dylan Kinnett In 1971, he served as artist-in-residence at UC Berkeley and offered a spring semester lecture, African-American Studies 198, also known as “Sun Ra 171,” “The Black Man in the Universe,” or “The Black man in the Cosmos.” The course featured readings from—to name just a few—theosophist Madame Blavatsky, French philosopher Constantin Francois de Chasseboeuf, black American writer and poet Henry Dumas, and “God,” whom the cosmic jazz theorist reportedly listed as the author of Now we have the rare opportunity to hear a full lecture from that class, thanks to Sun Ra Listening Party on Vimeo I just uploaded “Sun Ra Listening Party” to. sun-ra-sun-ra-the-immeasurable-equation-the-collected-poetry-and-prose-1.

Professor Sun Ra - Berkeley Lecture, 1971 - Sensitive Skin While attending Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, he had an out-of-body experience during which he was transported into outer space. In the Spring of 1971 Herman “Sonny” Blount, aka Sun Ra, was artist-in-residence at the University of Califonia at Berkeley, where he offered a lecture course.

Selected poems of post-beat poets - B Bridge Hearing him speak is a little like hearing him play, so be prepared for a lot of free association and jarring, unexpected juxtapositions. An Anthology of New Collaborative Poetry Sugar Mule 2007. The Poetry Readings. the girl across the way is drying her hair in the sun. she's been to the.

Sun Ra's Full Lecture & Reading List From His 1971 Listen to Sun Ra spin his intricate, bizarrely otherworldly theories, drawn from his personal philosophy, peculiar etymologies, and idiosyncratic readings of relious texts. A pioneer of “Afrofuturism,” bandleader Sun Ra emerged from a. black American writer and poet Henry Dumas, and “God,” whom the cosmic.

Sun Ra The Immeasurable Equation. The collected A little antenna on each eye” instructed him to drop out of college and speak through his music. A talented pianist and composer in his own rht, Sun Ra 1914 - 1993 founded and conducted one of jazz's last great b bands from the 1950s until he left.

SUN RA - Quotes and Poetry HubPages I landed on a planet that I identified as Saturn.” While there, aliens with “little antenna on each ear. Sun Ra It was in the early 1980s when I got my first Sun Ra records. From 1986 to 1992 I had the pleasure to attended four of his extraordinary.

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