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<em>SUN</em> RA - Quotes and <em>Poetry</em> HubPages

SUN RA - Quotes and Poetry HubPages Whether you believe that story, whether Sun Ra believes it, or whether his entire persona is a theatrical put-on should make no difference. Combining Afrocentric science fiction, esoteric and occult philosophy, Egyptology, and, with his "Arkestra," his own brand of free jazz-futurism that has no equal on earth, the man is truly . Sun Ra It was in the early 1980s when I got my first Sun Ra records. From 1986 to 1992 I had the pleasure to attended four of his extraordinary.

Professor <em>Sun</em> Ra - Berkeley Lecture, 1971 - Sensitive Skin

Professor Sun Ra - Berkeley Lecture, 1971 - Sensitive Skin And that’s just what he did, changing his name from Herman Blount and never looking back. In the Spring of 1971 Herman “Sonny” Blount, aka Sun Ra, was artist-in-residence at the University of Califonia at Berkeley, where he offered a lecture course.

<i>Sun</i> Ra, This Planet is Doomed The Science Fiction

Sun Ra, This Planet is Doomed The Science Fiction A little antenna on each eye” instructed him to drop out of college and speak through his music. Few people know that Sun Ra, besides being an avant-black futurist b band leader, was also a poet. He and his band would recite chants.

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