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<em>DELL</em> <em>POWEREDGE</em> <em>1750</em> INSTALLING OR

DELL POWEREDGE 1750 INSTALLING OR – Fixed bug when calculating delta sizes whilst Refresh OS on logoff set to 0%. View and Download Dell PowerEdge 1750 installing or replacing manual online. Installing or Replacing an ERA/O Card. PowerEdge 1750 Server pdf manual download.

Support for <strong>PowerEdge</strong> T320 <strong>Manuals</strong> & documents <strong>Dell</strong> US

Support for PowerEdge T320 Manuals & documents Dell US 512 Linked Clone VMs per Desktop Pool) – Added developer name and blog URL at bottom Release 1.0 Nice calculator Andre. Get user or pdf manual for your Dell PowerEdge T320.

Support for <em>PowerEdge</em> <em>1750</em> Support topics & articles <em>Dell</em> US

Support for PowerEdge 1750 Support topics & articles Dell US – Couple User Interface improvements Release 4.1 – Added auto version checking. Sign In. mhs.modelData. AccountInfo. SignInModel. SubHeaderText . item . . . . . Cart. Products.

Support for <strong>PowerEdge</strong> R530 <strong>Manuals</strong> & documents <strong>Dell</strong> US

Support for PowerEdge R530 Manuals & documents Dell US Release 1.5 – Added support for Dedicated Datastore for Replicas – Added support for use of VM memory reservation – Added support for Cluster with HA (N 1) – Added information on number of clusters required – Fixed bug with overcommitment memory calculation Release 1.4 – Added support for calculation with Linked Clones – Added configurable Hypervizor memory overhead – Added configurable VM memory overhead Release 1.3 – Added support for VMware View 4.5 Disposable disks – Added Storage Breakdown summary for VMware View 4.5 Tiering Release 1.2 – Added Host number calculation based on Desktop State when Not in Use (On, Suspend, Power Off) – Added Storage calculation based on Desktop State when Not in Use (On, Suspend, Power Off) – Added 4Gb overhead for vm Kernel when calculating Host Memory with Overcommit – Fixed bug when calculating Hosts Memory overcommit with low number of VMs per core Release 1.1 – Added ERR validation for Number of Desktop Pools (max. Get user or pdf manual for your Dell PowerEdge R530.

VDI Calculator –

VDI Calculator – – Added vendor logo display when sponsored calculation is selected – Fixed host high-availability calculation issue – Fixed “Desktop per Host” unit when using Print option – Few UI improvements Release 4.0 – Support for hyper-converged infrastructure deployments – Little fixes to validations Release 3.0 – Added support for 3rd party calculations Release 2.0 – Added support for Xen Desktop NEW Java Calculator Released – version 1.0 Release 3.0 – Added support for pools with 2,000 desktops – Added support for new processors with 12 and 16 cores – Added support for user-defined VM limit in v Center – Added support for user-defined v Sphere cluster size – Added support for 10,000 desktops with v Center 5.1 – Multiple backend changes to support Horizon View 5.2 – Multiple backend changes to support v Center 5.1 – Enabled high availability features as Default options – Removed support for v Center Server earlier than 5.0 – Removed support for View earlier than 5.0 – Removed cluster size dependency on storage protocol Release 2.9 – Increased number of allowed VMs per CPU/Core to 20 (maximum supported is 16) – Added support for manual CBRC Base % IOP savings – Added support for v Sphere 5.1 – Added framework to support future VMware View features – Added additional validations according to VMware compatibility matrix – Fixed layout issues Release 2.8.1 – Added support for 12 trough 24 core microprocessors – Small bug fixes Release 2.8 – Added VMware View 5.1 support – Added support for VMware View CBRC System Disk (Content Based Read Cache) – Added support for NFS Linked Clone v Sphere clusters with more than 8 hosts – Added support for scale up architectures with high density servers – Added support for 2560×1600 display resolution – Small UI changes Release 2.7.1 – Fixed issue with Total Backend IOPS when Storage Read Cache was in use – Small UI changes Release 2.7 – Added support for storage array caching calculation capabilities – Added support for storage block de-duplication – Added configuration validations based on storage protocol (Block and File) – Added support for VAAI (v Storage API for Array Integration) validations – Added higher degree of control over refresh cycle for floating pools – Small UI changes Release 2.6 – Added additional field to demonstrate Total Frontend IOPS – Added support for RAID6 configurations – Few UI changes – Fixed issue with % Host Used Memory Releae 2.5.1 – Added information about Frontend IOPS – Re-added Print to PDF feature Release 2.5 – Added higher degree of control over read/write ratios – Added segmentation between number of sockets and cores per socket – Added storage overhead support for swap on host – Fixed video swap issue with earlier versions of v Center and ESXi – Complete overhaul of the IO calculation – Calculation of IO per disk type (replica, clones and persistent) – Calculation of IO for of simultaneous boot VMs Release 2.4.1 (FIX) – Added support for 20 cores/host – Fixed issue with size of video swap file when 3D is not selected Release 2.4 – Added support for VMware View 5.0 – Added support for hosts with 24 and 128 cores – Added support for 1000 desktop per desktop pool – Added support for v Center 5.0 and 10K validated architecture – Added support for 32 bit display resolutions – Added support for v Sphere 5.0 – Added support for 3D – Several improvements to the calculator structure – Small UI changes Known Issues – Calculation of View 5.0 3D v RAM using VMs with 3 or 4 v CPU not available Release 2.3 – Added support for 1-to-Many relationship between Parent VM and Desktop Pools. Release 2.1 – Added support for VMware View 4.6 architecture – Added support for MHz per VM – Added host/core MHz calculation – Added support for CPU MHz overhead – Fixed bug when displaying Linked Clone LUN size with Local in use (Thanks to Andrew Lash for reporting the inconsistency) – Minor UI adjustments Release 2.0 – Added support for VM Swap files in local storage – Added support for Connection Server High Availability (N 1) – Minor UI adjustments Release 1.9 – Added support for Printing – Added IOPs calculation based on Workload IOPS, RAID Type and Read/Write ratio – Re-positioned fields that relate to each other – Minor UI adjustments Release 1.8 – Added field to show number of VMs per host – Fix for storage consumption calculation when using Suspend Power Policy Release 1.7 – Added dropdown menu to allow selection of number of v CPUs per VM – Added dropdown menu to allow selection of number of displays per VM – Added dropdown menu to allow selection of maximum display resolution per VM – Added automated calculation of virtual machine memory overhead Release 1.6 – Added dropdown menu to allow selection of maximum number of VMs per v Center. – Changed from Dropdown menu to free entry of Number of VMs per Datastore to allow more than 64 VMs. Hi Sam and thanks for your comment. Host memory is a resulting equation between VM memory size and the number of VM’s per core and number of CPU sockets per host.

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