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Sockets programming in Ruby - IBM A zero-length string, which specifies INADDR_ANY, or An Integer, interpreted as a binary address in host byte order. Protocol AF_UNIX UNIXServer Helper class for building UNIX domain protocol socket servers IPSocket Base class for protocols using the Internet

Ruby Network Programming - RubyGuides - Learn Ruby The socket provides specific classes for handling the common transports as well as a generic interface for handling the rest. Learn Ruby network programming with examples! You will learn how to use TCP sockets in Ruby. Once a connection is established you can put data into your socket.

Copy file over TCP socket in Ruby slow - Stack Overflow Sockets have their own vocabulary − hostname The identifier of a network interface − A string, which can be a host name, a dotted-quad address, or an IPV6 address in colon (and possibly dot) notation A string "", which specifies an INADDR_BROADCAST address. Copy file over TCP socket in Ruby slow. /output.pdf', 'w' do file while chunk =. I'm new to socket programming.

Ruby Socket Programming Cheat - Ruby provides two levels of access to network services. Ruby Socket Programming Cheat - Download as PDF File.pdf, Text File.txt or read online.

Ruby Programming Language Sockets may be implemented over a number of different channel types: Unix domain sockets, TCP, UDP, and so on. Ruby is. A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on. Unintentional socket creation by poisoned NUL. Report or help solve issues in Ruby.

Ruby programming language - Wikipedia Sockets are the endpoints of a bidirectional communications channel. Ruby is a dynamic, interpreted, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It was designed and developed in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro "Matz.

Ruby 1.9 Socket Library - The Pragmatic Programmer This chapter gives you an understanding on most famous concept in Networking − Socket Programming. Ruby 1.9 Socket Library Dave Thomas with Chad Fowler. Back when the first edition of Programming Ruby appeared. PDF, mobi, and epub for free.

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